Selective PCB coating

Selective PCB coating

Products designed to operate in harsh environments, such as industrial environments, need protection by selective coating.

We offer automatic selective coating services, without atomization, which allows the application of protective materials with viscosities less than 100 centipoise.

The thickness of the layers varies between 0.5 – 8 mils for solvent-based materials and 4 – 8 mils for 100% solid materials. 99% transfer efficiency guarantees maximum optimization and minimum losses.

The selective coating process has many advantages:

The material is applied in a layer, in a controlled manner, eliminating the unwanted coatings associated with the atomization process.

  • Minimizes losses and further processing
  • The application process takes place in a closed and ventilated environment
  • Excellent 5-axis head cover capacity
  • Wide range of dispensing nozzles, with dimensions between 6.35 – 19.05 mm, each with a tolerance of 0.792 mm
  • High complexity tile coating, up to 457 x 387 mm, in seconds

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