Integrated electronic design and production solutions

We have a wide range of EMS services, from product design and prototype production, to SMD assembly and functional testing of electronic modules.

Research - development

From concept to production, we offer the highest quality services at competitive prices. These involve the formulation of product specifications and requirements, product design, prototype production, efficiency and reliability testing and transition to production. We ensure that specifications are supported throughout the product life cycle.

Regardless of the product destination, whether we are talking about Supply Design (DFP), Manufacturing Design (DFM) or Testing Design (DFT), we support the development of high quality products.


We are a full EMS service provider with long experience in Romania and Austria. We have state-of-the-art SMD production lines and come to your aid with final electronic assembly services.

Our capacity to assemble electronic modules in Romania is provided by a young and professional team of engineers ready to provide technical support at any time for both manufacturing and testing process.


We understand how important supplier management is to our customers. That is why over the years we have developed numerous collaborations and commercial relationships with all the major suppliers of electronic components in Europe. Regardless of the requirements: full, partial or assembly services – with packages provided by the customer – our supply departments in Romania and Austria offer efficient solutions.
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