Schematic Design & PCB Layout

Schematic Design & PCB Layout

Our layout design services and schematic design for electronic modules meet the needs of customers who face short lead times and do not have the necessary resources to design for manufacturing and testing.

Whether your project involves assembling cables or circuits by printing for the prototype, in small series or large and complex series, we will take into account the principles of Manufacturing Design (DFM). Services range from simple circuit design to very complex, multilayer boards.

We have over 27 years of experience in electronic design, a fast and efficient layout design process and constructive feedback from the production and supply department. We assure you of the feasibility of the PCB just before the construction of the first prototype.

Development research

Our solutions for schematic capture and PCB design include:

  1. High frequency RF applications
  2. High speed digital applications
  3. Multilayer construction, for rigid, flex ridge and flexible supports
  4. Design for electromagnetic interference (EMI) sensitive applications according to standards
  5. Blind or buried crossings
  6. Applications for power supplies
  7. Analog applications
  8. Reverse Engineering
  9. Tiles with standard or less common shapes
  10. Support for various CAD application files

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