Cables and electrical wiring assembly

Cables and electrical wiring assembly

We have invested in cable assembly technology, purchasing high-performance machines with a high degree of flexibility.

We execute any type of cable requested by customers at the quality required by the IPC / WHMA-A-620 standard. We perform this service in a dedicated team, ready to exceed your expectations regarding quality and delivery times.

Processes and operations

The cutting and stripping of semi-finished products is done with Komax Kappa 310 machines, recognized for their wide range of high quality operations.

The crimping is done on Mecal presses, where the applicators for various types of pins change very quickly.

Stripping by twisting the wires is done with the help of FEINTECHNIK RITTMEYER equipment.

The quality control of the crimping is performed with the tensile tester EPT50 from MI&T with digital indication.

The control of cables for interruption, short circuit and incorrect insertion is performed with a computer-assisted device, developed by us.

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