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We are an integrated group of companies with offices in Romania and Austria with experience in prototype production, product design, electronic production and functional testing. We have assembly solutions in SMD and THT technology.

We specialize in both schematic design and final assembly of electronic products. We also offer software development and microcontroller programming services.

Our electronic production solutions include complete services for supplying electronic components, PCB assembly, conformal coating, cable assembly, functional testing and rework, while having the ability and experience to translate your ideas into real technological solutions through product development services: prototype production, schematic design & layout, software application development for microcontrollers.

Electronic assembly and production in Romania - EBS Electric

EBS Electric Group brings together the combined experience of over 27 years of activity of Electro Promex, BKD Electronic and Electro Promex SRL&CO KG.

We have been producing, assembling and testing electronic components and equipment for industrial and residential applications for over 25 years.

Manufacturing industry

Sensors and control systems

Residential applications for control

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EBS Electric Group

Our mission

Our mission is to provide specialized services in the field of electronics and assembly of components on printed circuits, ensuring the quality of both products and services through the professionalism and experience of our team. Promote the right working conditions for our employees, as well as full respect for the environment.
27Over 27 years of experience in the field
4500000Electronic components assembled monthly
300000Over 300,000 products delivered
250Over 250 satisfied customers
Electronic production

EBS Electric Group


Our production activity takes place in an ultra-modern factory, recently built . We also have a cable assembly factory in Baia de Criş, Brad. Multiple specialization allows us to achieve the highest production and development standards, allowing us to offer intelligent and optimized solutions at competitive costs.

Integrated electronic design and production solutions

We have a wide range of EMS services, from product design and prototype development, to assembly in SMD technology and functional testing of electronic modules.
ebs electric


Selective Soldering of TH Components

The identification of new solutions, using the latest technology, indisputably leads to an increase in the efficiency and performance of the equipment used in various industries and fields of activity. That is why our company is always concerned with the adoption, development, production and distribution of technologies for electronic components, which can bring real benefits in terms of the quality of the finished products obtained

EBS culture is defined by a simple set of values, values that define our vision – trust, pride, care and innovation. I hope these values give you reasons to get to know EBS Electric Group better. Whether you are a potential customer, business partner or future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together to bring our ideas to life.

Daniel Benea

CEO - EBS Electric Group

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    Petrosani, Romania
    Head Office


    332005 Anghel Saligny No. 3
    Petrosani, Hunedoara County


    +40 254 542 964
    +40 254 548 964