Product design

Electronic product development
Product design

Design for Supply (DFP)

A big part of the success of product development is the selection of the best components and materials on the market. The acquisition department works closely with the design department, and through supplier management we are able to reduce production time, include products as quickly as possible on the market, and provide an efficient warranty and extended service life.

Product design

Manufacturing Design (DFM)

The design of schemes for electronic modules and electronic components for manufacture allows products to be made as soon as possible, at the highest quality and at the most cost-effective.

Most of the costs involved in the product are related to the design stage. Therefore, cost optimisation is of the utmost importance. Experience ensures that we will optimize your production process and that all factors will be taken into account. These factors are component specifications, dimensional tolerances, and secondary processes.

Product design

Design for Testing (DFT)

This stage is of critical importance, as PCB assemblies have become increasingly complex. DFT  is therefore vital in the diagnosis and resolving defects. We offer functional testing and software solutions development services for functional testing.

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