Repairs / Rework


Repairs / Rework

Before providing full EMS services, we began repairing PCBs for equipment used in the mining industry in 1993. We have been performing this service successfully for over 28 years and we have expanded it to cover, overhaul, reprocess, recondition and modernize, both for our own products and for customers’ products.

We start from a complex analysis of electronic and electrical modules, devices and systems, with the help of electronic production departments, IPC trained staff and design and procurement departments.

Situations in which we perform SMD and THT repairs and reprocessing of PCBs:

You are not sure why a component is not working

Although you have performed tests, one component does not work. Our engineers can analyze your PCB diagrams and layouts to find out the cause.

Your model does not work

Whether your project requires the use of a component that is incompatible with the PCB, or you have reached a compromise because you have difficulty supplying components, our design and supply teams will review the original specifications and compare them to the device. In this case, we will help you identify the right components.

Your product does not meet the expectations

Sometimes, even though your product is working properly, you may be unhappy. Whether optimized in size, speed, or cost, our production and design teams provide the support you need to get it up and running.

Your product is defective in the field

Sometimes a single component can compromise an entire series. The equipment we use in production allows us to diagnose and solve problems quickly, removing defective components and replacing them.

Your product has not yet reached the end customer, but needs an overhaul or repair

We perform state-of-the-art hardware or software revisions for your customer.

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