Environmental responsibility

EBS Electric Group considers environmental responsibilities to be an important aspect of ensuring sustainable development, maintaining a clean climate, and reducing the nuisances that occur during the manufacturing process. Therefore, we decided to focus on waste reduction, recycling, providing services to extend the life cycle of products and placing production close to our customers and suppliers. These actions have the effect of protecting the environment, reducing non-recyclable waste and maintaining a clean and friendly environment. EBS operates according to an environmental management system, is ISO 14001 certified, and complies with local regulations and customer specifications. Enics has an internal compliance team to review relevant laws and regulations and implement them in the group’s operational procedures.

Economic responsibility

The economic responsibility, within the concept of sustainability, means ensuring the profitability and competitiveness of the company. A solid financial performance is the basis of all other activities in our company. To achieve the objectives set for our financial performance, we follow the principles described in our management system. The rules and legislation are respected in reporting our financial performance.

Responsibility for human resources

In our company culture, is encouraged  the philosophy that each individual offers diverse perspectives, environments and experiences that create extraordinary results when we are united as a team. We respect our people and embrace our differences. We welcome everyone and appreciate the ideas generated by our collective uniqueness. We aspire all our people to reach their full potential.

Our organizational culture promotes women’s progress in their professional and personal development at different stages of career and life. Our goal is to inspire women and men alike and promote a company culture that encourages development, increases productivity and involvement.

Responsibility of supplyers

Through our policy we have followed good commercial practices since the company’s foundation, expanded our role even further, taking strong positions and implementing concrete methods, both within EBS and with our main suppliers. Our main objectives include a special focus on our valuable suppliers and raising awareness of the principles – human rights, work, environmental protection and anti-corruption – essential principles for supporting a prosperous, healthy and happy society. Suppliers are an important and integral part of EBS’s total supply chain. They are expected to operate in accordance with the same legal, ethical, environmental and employee standards that EBS applies

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