Inspection and testing

Inspection and testing

Experience in functional testing solutions and techniques

We have a long experience in functional testing solutions and techniques, in accordance with all international standards in the electronics industry. All of this is part of our Test Design (DFT) strategy. So, the problems discovered in the first phases of production or in the case of developing a prototype lead to the optimization of the layout and to the decrease of production costs by preventing possible problems in working stage.


Our complex technical assessments are based on the following factors: design requirements, testing requirements, types of components, level of product complexity, manufacturing process, product age, and product life implications.


Automatic optical inspection – AOI It is performed immediately after the completion of the process of populating the PCB with components, allowing:

Rapid identification of PCB quality defects, such as absence or misplacement of components, volume and solder problems, short circuits between the pins of fine pitch components and more. By using the OCR (optical character recognition) function, the codes on the components can be recognized, ensuring the correct placement of the parts. This is very important in terms of cost when working with small components, where a rework or replacement requires time and significant material losses.

Errors detection

Detection of errors in the process of printing the solder paste, planting the components and gluing them in the reflow oven. Components with too little solder are corrected by choosing a stencil of lesser thickness, or choosing one with variable thickness (recess stencil). The analysis of the shape of the solder can lead to a change of temperature in the oven or the soldering time.

Functional testing

We offer customized functional testing services using our own software as well as rack & stack hardware solutions. Our services include advice and assistance in the initial stages of product development to assess testability. On request, we also offer functional testing software development services, so you can safely test electronic components in your own laboratory whenever you want.

Functional test elements

Fixture test

we produce these test adapters with pins, made for each type of PCB board separately


applications are developed within our company to control the test system and improve functional testing capabilities.

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