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Miniaturization in hardware modules has necessitated specialized pick-and-place equipment for assembling high-density PCBs. It also requires sophisticated optical inspection systems to ensure the accuracy of the assembly process, detect and trace any placement errors and ensure the final product meets the high standards of quality and reliability demanded by today’s technology-driven market.

Rendering high-density, first-rate, precise, and error-free PCB assembly, testing, and enclosure assembly services with an in-house automatic optical inspection (AOI) system and modern production capacities is EBS Electric Group. It brings together the over 27 years of combined experience of Electro Promex, BKD Electronic, and Electro Promex SRL&CO KG in producing, assembling, and testing electronic components and equipment for industrial and
residential applications.

“Customer satisfaction is our key objective. We offer technological support to our clients, from the designing stage, leading to reduced production costs by selecting appropriate
and high technological solutions and recommending superior characteristics alternatives for the components as per their budget,” says Daniel Benea, president and CEO, EBS Electric Group.
Having spent over two decades refining its craft in the industry, EBS Electric Group is well known for its aptitude to mold the client’s raw ideas into real products, ensuring their specific needs are met. All these services are taken care of by its human resources, who are experienced in designing, production, and testing for decades.

In addition to these technical services, the company transfers all its practical expertise to its customers through the services it offers, resulting in an apt quality-price ratio. This favors in maintaining the continuity of the collaboration with its customers.
Its diverse clientele comes from various industry verticals like domestic automation, non-conventional energy, sensors and monitoring systems, non-electrical parameters, and energy
industry applications.

“We have an open relationship with our clients, maintaining transparency throughout the process, addressing the issues promptly, providing documented reports on the causes, solutions and rectifying the errors,” says Benea. “Our mutual objectives are to meet IPC standards and ensure zero faults for offered products.”

EBS Electric Group’s ability to deliver top-notch services can be demonstrated through a compelling case study that highlights the company’s strengths and expertise. In 2018, EBS collaborated with a Romanian engineering company that designs BMSs (battery management systems), offering them comprehensive technological support, material purchasing logistics, and assistance in designing the printed circuit board (PCB) layout.

EBS worked by its side, from executing the prototype to offering the company technological support, helping in material purchasing logistics, supporting in designing the PCB layout, and implementing attractive prices for those designed products. EBS’s assistance encouraged the engineering company to develop their product and finalize the project within a short period. The project was strategically framed so that the products align with both European and global economic priorities while fulfilling the market demands.

We have an open relationship with our clients, maintaining transparency throughout the process, addressing the issues promptly, providing documented reports on the causes, solutions and rectifying the errors

Success stories like these have projected EBS on acclamation for its high standards of quality and reliability, which makes it one of the leading players in the electronics industry in Romania. Given the dynamic and volatile nature of the contemporary electronics market, most companies experience difficulties buying electronic components with either cost fluctuations or delayed
delivery. Since EBS electric group has a good relationship with the suppliers and manufacturers, together with superior stock management, helps it to be a reliable partner to its customers. Through its efficient stock system, EBS delivers the same highquality products on time and with optimized prices, despite market fluctuations. What makes EBS an ideal partner to its customers is the unique attributes of its services, like communication, transparency, advanced technology, and highquality products. This collaboration helps to achieve mutual goals and deliver competitive technical solutions in the market. EBS has taken significant steps toward fulfilling its responsibility towards the environment, economy, human resources, and suppliers, as the current trends in Europe are more focused on reducing carbon emissions, minimizing pollution, and promoting equality. By prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility, EBS sets an inspiring example for other companies to follow, contributing towards building a more equitable and sustainable future.

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